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Shooting sports boots rifle

Full concentration on the target!

Shooting sports boots rifle

Full concentration on the target!

The top class shooting sports shoe CORAMI® optimizes the posture in all disciplines, guarantees the zero position and minimises the body movement. A shooting sport shoe for the top class.

Well thought out features

Guaranted Zero Positon

The leather and reinforcement attached to the bootleg stabilize the foot in order to reduce the body movement to a minimum. The zero position can be reproduced extremely quickly and reliably. 

Pressure free comfort

The soft lining in conjunction with the heavily padded shaft end provide maximum feedback without causing uncomfortable pressure points.

Always standby

Individual adjustable thanks to its patented 5-zone click lockings which secures the laces in their position. Once adjusted propperly during training the wearing feeling will be transferred into the match..

Safe protected

Spoiler with padded heel or tongue to protect the achilles tendons. In addition, the rifle boots come along with hook and loop fastener for optimal adjustment of the width.

Maximum traction

The flat two-component outsole is made out of torsion-resistant rubber with a non-slip profile. It offers a maximum tread surface for secure traction.

Minimised body movement

The inner shoe can be adapted to individual needs with felt inserts and heel wedges. The wedges allows shifting the center of gravity. The contact pressure can be regulated by using the felt inserts.

Personal style

Set accents with personal color of the laces.

€ 249.-
RRP (Germany) incl. VAT. excl. Shipping costs

Color: Black / Gray / Red
Variant: Universal
Size: 35 – 48
Article number: 101

1 pair of anatomical insoles
1 pair of shoe protection bags
1 BalanceSet with:
1 pair of felt inserts thickness 1.5 mm
1 pair of felt inserts thickness 3.0 mm
1 pair of heel wedges

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